Collage about Chuck Palahniuk for ICON El País’ october issue, 2022

★Quiosco Clandestino – INJUVE

Editorial design, 2022

Amore—Usted está aquí EP

Creative direction and logo for Amore’s first EP, 2022

Crack Studio SS23

Print design for Crack Studio’s SS23 collection presented at MBFW, 2022

La Pija y la Quinqui

Pictures and cover for the second season of La Pija y la Quinqui podcast, 2022

★Cabiria —Una costumbre ancestral

Artwork  for Cabiria’s latest single, 2022

Posters for lighting studio Marset, 2022

Fashion editorial for Sideguise Magazine, 2022

Creative direction of the visual part of Mirua’s first EP

Fashion editorial, 2022

★La <3 Magazine

Logo, cover and index design, 2022

Balloons, 2022

Postcards, 2022

Illustration, 2022

Creative direction and fashion design, 2022

Poster, 2022

Fashion editorial, 2021

Illustration, 2021

Illustration, 2021

Objects or substances, 2021

Editorial, 2021

Creative direction and fashion design, 2021

Fashion editorial, 2021

Publication, 2021

Poster, 2021

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